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Dr. Antonio Jimenez, MD | Founder & Medical Director
Dr. Jimenez recounts the circumstances that led him to embrace alternative medicine as his chosen path over 25 years ago.  

Patient Testimonials

Gwynne Strother | Stage 4 Leiomyosarcoma
Survived a 2-month death sentence
by over 2 years

Audrey Pitts | Stage 4 Bile Duct Cancer
Remarkable Improvement in
3 Weeks of Therapy

Bill Pitts | Patient Companion
Audrey's Husband Recounts Experience at
Hope4Cancer Institute

Diana Boyd | Mantle Cell Lymphoma
Speaks eloquently about the choices that face 
every cancer patient and why she made her choice.
Hope4Cancer helped her turn her "highly aggressive
cancer into a gift."

Vernon Blackmon | Stage 4 Prostate Cancer
Experienced Large Drop in PSA tumor marker,
prostate size 
reduction by 40%, blood flow
in tumor reduced to ZERO in 3 weeks. 

Larry Kaufman | Stage 4 Fibrosarcoma
Many operations and thirty-six radation treat-
ments later, Larry finds his refuge, a new home 

and family at Hope4Cancer. A heartfelt testi-
monial from a kind and gentle soul.

Patricia Dolan | Stage 4 Breast Cancer
Over a year following the start of her treatment
Patricia continues to improve.  She writes in
February 2013 "God is Great! I am in the normal
range for all cancer markers!"

Hope4Cancer Personnel

Dr. Xavier Curiel, M.D. | 
Director of Integrative and Functional Medicine


Dr. Carlo Santiesteban, M.D. | 
General Director/Manager


Dr. Subrata Chakravarty, Ph.D. | 
Chief Scientific Officer


C.W. Reed | Stage 4 Breast Cancer
Dramatic drop in inflammation all over the
body, tumors have shrunk by 60 percent.
C.W. was given only 6 months to live, it is
clear that she will outlast that prediction
quite easily.

Assessments / Therapies

Dr. Xavier Curiel, M.D. | 
Speaks about the Zyto Assessment


Dr. Xavier Curiel, M.D. | 
Speaks about Infra-Red Regulation Thermometry


Ruth Coffey | Parent of Cancer Patient
Endorses Hope4Cancer Institute

Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D. | 
Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy


Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D. | 
What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer


Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D. & Marcy Jimenez
Hope4Cancer CEO/Executive Director, Marcy Jimenez and Medical Director, Dr. Jimenez, in a joint interview.


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Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D.
Founder & Medical Director

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